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The IMAGE Skincare line is not only affordable skincare, but it comes as close to pharmacy grade ingredients without a prescription. The line is versatile as well; for example, a product from the Ageless line can be combined with one from the Vital C line. The products do NOT test on animals, nor do they use parabens as preservatives.

ORDER OF PRODUCT USE: Serums first; they have the smallest molecules and penetrate more deeply, then Prevention+ to moisturize and block the sun, finally, if you choose, a foundation for an additional barrier against the sun's damaging effects.


$45 each or a series of 4 for $150
Microderm is a mechanical form of exfoliation. It goes deeper than a manual scrub that you may give yourself at home, but is a step under a PEEL. It utilizes suction and a diamond tipped wand to clear up black heads, milia, minimize age spots and fine lines, and aid in the turnover of new cells.

IMAGE Skincare Diet

AHA's/BHA's Exfoliation/Cell Turnover

Retinols for Collagen building

SPF Moisturizers UVA/UVB protection

Lightening Agents to even skin tone

Anti-Oxidants for nutrition and balance

Stem Cells for cell life extension

Peptides-the building blocks of the skin

Skin Health begins on the inside, YANA is a collagen supplement that not only tastes amazing, but it is 90% bioavailable to the body. YANA contains: Collagen Peptides,  Ceramides ( lipids that keeps moisture in the skin), Antioxidants, Vitamins  C and B6 , and Biotin.

 I take mine at night when my body does its most valuable work for my skin. I have found that it helps me  sleep too!


I use NuFree/Nudesse Antibacterial and Antimicrobial Soy based Wax.

Brows- 7, reshape 10



We'll talk about the rest when I meet you!