PEELS: the Aloe Vera base moisturizes as the peel performs SO.. no down time for you!

ORMEDIC LIFT: is an all natural peel made up of fruit enzymes and good for all skin types; it smells as delicious as your skin will look afterwards!

 6 treatments at 2 week intervals are recommended for best results.

$45  or 6 for $225

LIGHTENING LIFT $55 or 6 for $275

To lighten and brighten dull, aging, and sun damaged skin. This peel is topped off with Kojic Facial Enhancer and AGELESS Total skin lightening serum.

6 treatments at 2 week intervals are recommended.

WRINKLE LIFT $65 or 6 for $325

Yep, just what it means! Yes, they are testament to our lives, but do we need to see them daily? This peel will address all of those small lines and wrinkles. Finishing touches include a Vital C Hydrating Enzyme mask and a combination of Hyaluronic Facial Enhancer  and Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum to make you  look and feel younger.

6 treatments at 2 week intervals is recommended for best results.

PERFECTION PEEL $85 or 4 for $285

This one is my PERSONAL FAVORITE! It is not in an aloe vera carrier and it is self neutralizing, so it continues working even after you have left my table. This peel may be stepped up with each treatment by layering it. It is topped off with Retinol Facial Enhancer and Retinol-A Creme.

4 Treatments at 4 week intervals is recommended for best results